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At Napa Valley Dentistry part of our mission is to give back as much as possible—both locally, within the community, and globally, in areas in which simple health and dental care is limited or absent altogether.

Kids' International Dental Services

Many children throughout the world do not enjoy the healthcare and dental services that we do in this country. Most of these children have never seen a toothbrush, much less a dentist. Poor, often malnourished, and some victims of child slavery, gang violence, and disease, we believe these children are important and deserve our care. Through Kids International Dental Services (KIDS), a non-profit, volunteer organization founded in a retired prosthodontist, we are able to give our time and resources to treat these less fortunate children—in their schools, orphanages, local monasteries, or make-shift tents. Our goal is to help alleviate their dental pain and prevent future suffering—as well as to make new friends and give hope.