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Get Started

We always welcome new patients—both individuals and families. We'd like to meet with you and hear about your dental needs and goals. We'll open the door to extraordinary possibilities.

Why Do You Want to See Us?

Do you want only to have your teeth cleaned? Are you in pain? Do you want a new smile? Do your gums bleed? Can you see a cavity?

You may want to make your first visit to the dentist’s office to see the hygienist for a cleaning because that is how you were introduced to your last dentist, or you feel that is all you need. Dr. Newberry prefers to get to know you personally first… we believe that good communication builds mutual trust, and a successful relationship. And believe it or not, even a regular cleaning is considered a dental treatment that requires a proper diagnosis!

We prefer a complete set of radiographs (x-rays) and thorough examination so that problems can be discovered early and surprises minimized. If you have recent radiographs that reveal all the roots of your teeth, not just the two or four cavity detecting shots, we encourage you to bring them with you. Otherwise, this is our procedure: Our experienced dental assistant takes a full set of radiographs and 7 digital images of your face and smile

The doctor wants to get to know you, so he’ll ask you about your personal, medical and dental history.

Then he will:

  1. Screen for oral cancer
  2. Evaluate for gum disease
  3. Check for decay, broken teeth or restorations
  4. Screen for occlusal disease (TMJ and bite problems)
  5. Plan treatment or schedule for bite evaluation or consultation

What if I'm in Pain?!

We'll see you the same day if you are in pain or suffer from an embarrassing, broken smile. We will not remove a tooth that can be saved; however, occasionally there is no hope. Most of the time, a simple 20 minute procedure will stop the pain, and the tooth can be treated at a later appointment.

Can I meet you at a FREE consultation?

No Problem!

We are happy to spend a few minutes getting to know one another. You may want a second opinion, ask questions, or just check us out. We’ll answer questions about improving your smile, replacing missing teeth, insurance, or just about anything. We’ll give you a tour of the office and show you some of our work. We’re always happy to see you!

Do you accept my insurance?

We work with all dental insurance companies. Please call to find out more more details.